Luangwa Valley Packages

For the complete Luangwa experience, we recommend combining 2 or more camps in the valley. Scroll down for our recommended packages:

01/ 6 night "Best of" package

Best of Both Camps

Our drive-in and fly out package combining Luambe and North Luangwa includes a sleep out in Luambe AND is priced on a Stay 6, Pay 5 basis.

Visit 2 of the most remote and private National Parks in Zambia.

All logistics are included!
(From Mfuwe to Luambe and onto North Luangwa or vice-versa)

Game Drives, Walks, a Sleep out AND access to the Rhino Sanctuary

02/ 8 night Luangwa Package

Luangwa Discovery Package

Our 8 night package combining Luambe Camp with Flatdogs Camp in South Luangwa.

Visit 2 camps in 2 different Parks in the Luangwa Valley

Excellent Game Viewing

A mixture of activities including game drives, walks and Luangwa sleep-outs

03/ Stay 4, pay for 3.5 Special

Long Stay Special

This special is applicable to both Luambe Camp as well as North Luangwa River Lodge. Stay 4 nights and only pay for 3.5!

For Luambe: Includes 1x FREE night sleep-out. (This is an optional extra and not compulsory for guests).

Read about the Sleep-out activity here

04/ Overnight Walking Trails

5 night Luxury Luangwa Walking Trail

The Luxury Luangwa Trail in Luambe National Park combines the magic of pristine African wilderness with the comforts of a luxury Zambian bush camp. You will encounter wildlife in style, enjoy expertly cooked meals under the stars and unwind in the tranquility of this exclusive experience.

Spend 2 nights in a sleep-out camp and 3 nights in a lodge

Encounter wildlife on foot, dine under the stars

Adventure and Luxury combined

05/ Overnight Walking Trails

Luangwa Wilderness Trail

The ultimate immersive safari experience – a wilderness trail allows you to truly engage with the untamed wilderness, diverging from the conventional role of a voyeur in a vehicle. Disconnect from the relentless stresses of the modern world and rediscover your senses, soul and primordial roots through this transformative wilderness journey.

An “all in – Africa under your fingernails’ experience

3 nights camping, 2 nights at a lodge

Focus is on exploring the wonders of nature with an expert guide

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Is the Luangwa the right destination for you?

Are you an adventurous traveler drawn to the authenticity and untamed beauty of Africa's wilderness? Are you drawn to destinations that prioritize conservation efforts? Do you seek to escape the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary and create lasting memories in one of Africa's remotest and wildest safari destinations?

Then the Luangwa is definitely for you!

Interested in visiting North Luangwa or Luambe?

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