Exclusive Safari Experiences

The Luangwa offers a range of safari activities suited to every adventurer.

From overnight guided walking trails to game drives, birding and sleep-outs there's no shortage of opportunities to connect with nature and uncover this region's hidden treasures.

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Walking Trails

Step off the beaten path and into the untamed beauty of Luambe on guided walking safaris. Traverse the park's rugged terrain, accompanied by trained guides who will lead you on an immersive journey through the wilderness, offering insights into the flora and fauna that call Luambe home.

There are two types of Trails on offer: The Luxury Luangwa Trail or the Wilderness Luangwa Trail.

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Game Viewing (Game Drives / Hides / Walking)

During game drives or walks in Luambe or North Luangwa, encountering another safari vehicle is a rare occurrence. This grants us complete freedom to tailor the experience to your preferences. Whether you're eager to track baboon alarm calls on foot or wish to spend quality time observing carmine bee-eaters, the choice is yours. With the park all to ourselves, you can savor each moment at your desired pace.

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Luangwa Valley Sleep-Outs

Luambe Camp is the only camp in Luambe National Park and as a result, we are able to offer unique sleep outs and bush dining that are harder to do in the busier parts of the Luangwa. Experience what a night out in the Luangwa is like after a great meal and in complete safety with our guides and armed scouts.

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Birding / "Carmine Coffee" in the Luangwa River

Luambe is a birdwatcher's paradise, boasting an impressive array of avian species. Join our expert guides on birdwatching excursions and discover the park's rich birdlife, from vibrant carmine bee-eaters to majestic African fish eagles.

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Visit a local vegetable farmer

Visitors to the Luangwa Valley have the opportunity to engage with the rich cultural heritage of the local community of Chitingulu  located between North Luangwa and Luambe. From traditional customs and rituals to visits to local villages, cultural immersion adds depth and authenticity to your visit.

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Is the Luangwa the right destination for you?

Are you an adventurous traveler drawn to the authenticity and untamed beauty of Africa's wilderness? Are you drawn to destinations that prioritize conservation efforts? Do you seek to escape the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary and create lasting memories in one of Africa's remotest and wildest safari destinations?

Then the Luangwa is definitely for you!


Luangwa Valley Safaris is the marketing brand belonging to Everwild who own Luambe Camp and operate North Luangwa River Lodge.

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