North Luangwa River Lodge

4 thatched bungalows with views overlooking the Luangwa River.

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Tranquil Serenity Along the Banks of the Luangwa River

Discover the timeless allure of North Luangwa National Park from the rustic embrace of our authentic bushcamp nestled along the tranquil banks of the Luangwa River. Immerse yourself in the unspoiled beauty of Africa while enjoying unpretentious comfort supported by personalized service that define our ethos.

North Luangwa River Lodge beckons adventurers seeking an authentic safari experience, where traditional architecture and natural materials harmonizes with the rugged charm of the surrounding landscape. Our historic camp, strategically situated in the 'wilderness' sector of North Luangwa National Park, offers an unparalleled gateway to Zambia's diverse wildlife and untouched wilderness.

What to expect when you visit North Luangwa:

4 raised bungalows with ensuite bathrooms

Solar powered (lighting and plug points available)

Game Drives, Walking Safaris and access to the Rhino Sanctuary

Wildlife encounters at North Luangwa River Lodge

At North Luangwa River Camp you will encounter a diverse array of wildlife almost exclusively to yourself. Elephant, hippo, buffalo and lion are frequently seen with leopard and wild dog being a special sighting (the latter we have enjoyed great viewing of for the last few seasons!) We also offer guests access to the rhino sanctuary by game drive although the likelihood of sighting these special creatures are low and no tracking is allowed.

North Luangwa River Lodge Accommodation

Choose from our 4 en-suite bungalows, each of which have open air balconies offering stunning views of the Luangwa River. The accommodation have been designed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment while providing necessary comforts such as mosquito nets and solar-powered amenities.

Elevated Comfort

Enjoy the tranquility of your own private balcony, poised above the riverbanks, providing a vantage point for wildlife sightings and breathtaking sunsets.

A Riverside Retreat

Experience the charm of our four rustic en-suite bungalows, each nestled amidst the ancient grove of Leadwood trees, offering unparalleled views of the meandering Luangwa River.

Open to wildlife

Our lodge is unfenced and occasionally, lion, leopard and hyeana move through camp at night making for interesting sightings!

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5 Reasons to visit North Luangwa National Park

Experience the raw allure of Africa's wilderness in North Luangwa, an undiscovered paradise waiting to be explored. Here are five compelling reasons why North Luangwa should be your next travel destination:

Rich Wildlife Diversity

Authentic bushcamp amidst nature

Conservation success story

Sustainable Tourism Practices

Iconic Walking Safaris

Photos from North Luangwa River Lodge

Browse through some photos from North Luangwa

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Is the Luangwa the right destination for you?

Are you an adventurous traveler drawn to the authenticity and untamed beauty of Africa's wilderness? Are you drawn to destinations that prioritize conservation efforts? Do you seek to escape the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary and create lasting memories in one of Africa's remotest and wildest safari destinations?

Then the Luangwa is definitely for you!

Interested in visiting North Luangwa or Luambe?

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