Helping you plan your trip to the Luangwa

Your guide to reaching North Luangwa River Lodge and Luambe Camp.

01/ Step 1

Book your flight to Lusaka

To get to the Luangwa Valley, you will need to fly to LUSAKA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Airlines with routes to Lusaka include: Emirates, Qatar, Turkish Airlines and South African Airways.

02 / Step 2

Book your flight from Lusaka - Mfuwe

Proflight Airline have daily flights from Lusaka (or Jeki Airstrip in the Lower Zambezi National Park) to Mfuwe Airport. You can also drive yourselves into Mfuwe, but please make sure to study the routes beforehand.

03 / Step 3

We will meet you in Mfuwe

Once you reach Mfuwe, we can meet you at either the Airport (or elsewhere) and transfer you by road into camp. The drive is approximately 4.5 hours BUT most of that is either through the Nsefu sector or Luambe National Park - both of which are scenic, game rich areas.

Can you fly to Luambe? YES!

There is an airstrip 45 minutes from camp so if you would prefer to charter in, feel free to chat to us about options!

Luambe Camp on GOOGLE MAPS

04 / Step 4

Getting to North Luangwa

We recommend visiting both Luambe Camp and North Luangwa River Lodge so as to give you the best overall experience of the Luangwa. If you choose to do this, you can stay at Luambe first before heading to North Luangwa. There is no need drive yourselves in, we can transfer you from camp to camp saving you the hassle of figuring out routes and directions.

There is also the option of flying into North Park from Mfuwe via air charter.

Your host at Luambe Camp

Tascha Child - Camp Manager

Who will you meet once you arrive at Luambe camp? Tascha Child, Camp manager. Tascha is originally from the U.K but has been managing Luambe for the past 2 years - 2024 being her third year. She is passionate about the Park and all things wildlife / nature and always goes above and beyond to give guests the ultimate Luangwa experience.

Interested in visiting North Luangwa or Luambe?

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