Why choose to visit North Luangwa?

Dive into the heart of Africa's untamed wilderness with a visit to North Luangwa, a region teeming with natural wonders and rich biodiversity.

Here are five reasons why North Luangwa should be at the top of your safari bucket list:

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Rich Wildlife Diversity

Delve into the heart of North Luangwa National Park, home to an astonishing array of wildlife. Encounter the iconic Big 5, including elephants, rhinos (seldom seen), buffalos, lions, and leopards, as well as a myriad of other fascinating species. With its remote location and abundant game, North Luangwa offers a truly authentic safari experience unlike any other.

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Iconic Safari Activities

Explore the birthplace of the walking safari tradition in the iconic Luangwa Valley. Led by experienced guides, embark on detailed walking safaris, allowing you to connect intimately with nature as you track wildlife on foot. Feel the pulse of the African bush as you uncover hidden secrets and encounter the region's diverse flora and fauna up close.

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Conservation Success Story

North Luangwa National Park is a conservation success story through the efforts of North Luangwa Conservation Project supported by Frankfurt Zoological Society. Reversing the devastating impact of poaching and re-introducing and growing Zambia's only population of Black Rhino, North Luangwa is an example of what good conservation efforts can achieve.

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Sustainable Tourism Practises

North Luangwa National Park is committed to responsible tourism practices that prioritize the conservation of its natural resources and the protection of its wildlife. By choosing to visit North Luangwa, travelers not only embark on an unforgettable adventure but also support efforts to preserve one of Africa's last remaining wilderness areas for future generations to enjoy.

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Authentic bushcamp accommodation

North Luangwa River Camp is an example of an authentic bushcamp. Solar powered and built on raised platforms, almost the entire camp is built of natural material, reed, thatch and timber. Spending a few nights in these raised bungalows allows you to reconnect with nature and experience wilderness hospitality to the core!

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