Luangwa Fly-In Special

Charter your friends or family into one of our camp airstrips and the pilot stays for FREE.


Fly yourselves into the Luangwa for 3 nights and pilot stays for free!

Do you have access to a charter plane? Have you always wanted to visit Luangwa, or have you been waiting for an opportunity to revisit? Luangwa Valley Safaris is offering a special deal: If a minimum of 4 people fly themselves into either Luambe National Park (Waka Waka Airstrip) or North Luangwa National Park (Mwaleshi Airstrip) and stay at Luambe Camp or North Luangwa River Camp for at least 3 nights, the pilot will stay for FREE.

Details of the special are listed below:

Min 3 nights on a Full Board Basis

Both airstrips are located a short distance from camp

Stay at either Luambe or North Luangwa (or both)

Plane Security provided at K150 per night

Choose which camp you would like to visit - Luambe or North Luangwa River Lodge

north luangwa luangwa valley - accommodation

North Luangwa River Lodge

North Luangwa River Lodge offers a blend of unspoiled beauty and personalized service, providing a comfortable base for your safari adventures. With 4 raised bungalows featuring ensuite bathrooms, solar power, and access to game drives, walking safaris, and the Rhino Sanctuary, your visit promises an unforgettable immersion into Zambia's untouched wilderness.


Luambe Camp

Luambe Camp offers an intimate and secluded experience in the heart of Luambe National Park, situated on the banks of the Luangwa River. Guests can enjoy game drives and walking safaris without encountering other safari vehicles, with total freedom to explore the park at their own pace.

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Luangwa Valley Safaris is the marketing brand belonging to Everwild who own Luambe Camp and operate North Luangwa River Lodge.

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